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Below Prior to Online Booking


1. If you received a highlight or balayage service at your last visit and you have roots growing in, this is NOT considered a "root retouch" service*. Please make sure you are still booking your next visit as a "highlight" or "balayage".

*If you are a client who likes to get your grays covered or you like to have a dark root shade, you would book yourself both a root retouch and highlight or balayage service.

2. If you are a client who gets your hair lightened to one solid blonde color and have dark roots growing in, this is NOT considered a "root retouch". This is considered a "bleach and tone" service, even if it is just your roots that need to be lightened.

3. If you come in for highlights or a balayage and you notice the color is fading or looking dull, but you don't want anything else touched up, this is considered a "Gloss / Refresh" service. Not to be confused with a "Toner", which is an add-on service.

4. If you know your stylist always does a toner for your highlight or balayage service, please make sure to add that as a service so it gives your stylist the time to accommodate that for you.

5. "Face Framing Highlight" is adding lightness focused in the front of the face to add a subtle amount of brightness.
"Partial Highlight or Balayage" is half of your head, and you will see a noticeable increase in overall lightness and dimension.
"Full Head Highlight or Balayage" is for clients looking for an overall lightness and will give you the most amount of noticeable dimension and brightness.

How to Book Online

We wanted to make it simple for our clients to understand the full process on how to book online, so we made step-by-step instructions on how to do so. Please click the button below to view the instructions.

If you are unsure at all which service to book for or are having trouble with the system, please call us at (401) 277-2442 and we would be happy to help!